20 Nicknames That Should Never Be Used For Our Ladyflowers

I’m pretty sure someday, just as the previous generation remembers where they were when Kennedy was shot, this generation will look back and know exactly what they were doing the day Oprah brought “vajayjay” into the lexicon. Will we look back on that day and weep? I don’t know. But here at The Frisky, we’re not too proud to think of nicknames for our genitals. In fact, we’ve even given you a list of approved nicknames for our vaginas, and yesterday, Susannah presented 21 nicknames that should never be used for a dude’s manhood. Likewise, when it comes to our lovely ladyflowers, we also know what we don’t want you to nickname the vagina. Find out after the jump.

  1. The conch
  2. Hootie and the Blowfish
  3. Mommy
  4. Fur burger
  5. The Slip ‘N Slide
  6. Man cave
  7. Cooter
  8. Bumpy
  9. Winkie
  10. Vagutainment
  11. Mrs. Furby
  12. My, My American Pie
  13. Clarice
  14. Stankonia
  15. Britney
  16. Hot pocket
  17. The Abyss
  18. The Turkey’s Waddle
  19. Bearded clam
  20. Loose meat