Snail Slime Apparently Has All Sorts Of Skin Benefits

There’s something a little twisted about beauty products or treatments involving ultra-gross ingredients. How, exactly, did we conclude It can’t get any worse, might as well try spreading some bird crap on there? In France, women are now especially fond of lotions and creams made with snail slime, which has numerous supposed benefits, like increasing cell regeneration, anti-aging and healing properties, acne improvement, moisturizing and improving elasticity …Of course, most snail serum products out there don’t use the goo directly from Mr. Escargot himself. It gets purified and treated before mixing with other beauty chemicals. French women prefer “pure concentrated” serum, which is less diluted than labels advertising snail extract. Although not super popular here in the U.S. (which kind of makes sense when you’re comparing us to a nation that eats escargot for breakfast), you can still find some products if you hunt around online. [The Beauty Shop]