Lesbian Iranian Actress Faces Deportation From U.K. And Told “Keep Your Sexuality A Secret”

Remember in 2007 when the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, visited the U.S. and told a crowd at Columbia University that there weren’t any homosexuals in Iran? And everyone laughed? Yeah, that was entertaining.

Ahmadinejad hasn’t met the Iranian actress Kiana Firouz and if she is extremely lucky, he never will. Firouz, 27, is a lesbian who was studying in Britain for two years and working on a documentary about homosexuals in Iran when she landed on the radar of Iranian authorities. As the punishment for homosexuality in Iran can be flogging, imprisonment or death, Kiana Firouz appealed to Britian’s Home Office to seek asylum. The Home Office rejected her appeal and told her she could just conceal her homosexuality if she went back to Iran — basically suggesting she stay inside the closet to avoid those niggling little human rights abuses. Well, considering the young actress just debuted a film called “Cul-de-Sac” that fictionalizes her dramatic story (watch the trailer here — warning, it’s a bit disturbing), the fact that she is a lesbian is no secret to anyone — yet a statement from the Home Office claims she is “not in need of protection.”

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, Kiana Firouz said, “My application was … ignored by the Home Office despite the serious threat to my life that I’ll face if they deport me to Iran. I’m shattered and emotionally devastated that they have dealt with my application so irresponsibly.” A legal rep for Firouz has said the Iranian government is surely pissed and “they will probably seek to make an example of her” if she returns to Iran. Shudder.

We’re hoping for the best for you, Kiana Firouz. [Times of London UK]