Introducing The “Pee Without Noise” Stool For Those With Really Weird Bathroom Issues

We’ve talked before about the anxiety of doing a #2 in your significant other’s home, which is an understandable concern (especially for us ladies). But maybe we’ve got this whole bodily function fear thing wrong—what if guys are embarrassed to pee? From Japan, there’s this “Pee Without Noise” stool, which would imply that it’s a legit issue for some fellows:

“As great as it is to be able to pee standing up, there are some situations where you just want to do your business discreetly, and having the outlet several feet above the bowl makes it hard to keep the volume down. You could sit, but not only is that unbecoming a man, you also risk splashing the rim.”

Um, OK? But consider this … what’s more likely: your girlfriend dumping you because she’s disgusted by your loud peeing noise or because she walked in on you in the bathroom to find you kneeling before the toilet? Check, please! [Japan Trend Shop]