How We Met: The Results And The Most Romantic Stories

Over the weekend, we asked you, our Frisky peeps, how you met your last significant other. Over 7,000 of you voted in our poll and here are the results: 30 percent met through friends, 14 percent got more than just a paycheck out of work, 8 percent got the party started at a bar, 16 percent met their boo on the internet, 23 percent got schooled in love, and 9 percent defied common scenarios to meet that special someone in a unique way. Needless to say, 128 comments later, we got some totally amazing stories, better than any movie. So save your 10 bucks, ’cause here are the best love stories straight from your fellow Frisky readers — heck, one of them might just be yours!

”My current girlfriend and I play roller derby together. We started out on different teams and I kind of took her under my wing. We’ve been good friends for over a year and dating a few months.” – Camille905

”I took a break from school and was living with my grandparents in a small town in Mexico (they’re Mexican, not expat retirees). My grandparents were really close to one of our neighbors, and I knew the entire family except for the elusive son who worked all the time. One day we went over for dinner, and he was there. We drank a lot of wine and I told him he should teach me to surf. He did, and a week later we were fairly officially dating. We were together for five months and split up about a month and a half ago. It was good while it lasted.” – MelanieRamona

“My husband was hired as a temp at my old job, and he was paired with me. So, I was his boss … thus setting up a dynamic for the rest of our relationship wherein he lets me think I’m in charge.” –Pants Wearer

“We met when we were 15 in a music chat room and had a lovely, platonic friendship for a couple of years (sending each other care packages and chatting often). I lived on the east coast and he in the Midwest. I then decided that our fantastic friendship was interfering with the amazing (read: ridiculous) relationship I was in at the time and so we cut off contact. About a decade later he found me on Facebook and we reconnected. He was visiting some friends at a local university over last Thanksgiving and we ended up finally meeting in person. Suffice it to say, he’ll be moving here in the fall.” – ellinka

“He was a customer and I was a cashier at Home Depot. But his friend gave me his number, and I had to hang out with his friend for a month or two. Then one night I came out from the bathroom and his friend put on some slow jams, lit a candle, and I had to tell him I was feeling his friend. When we finally started hanging out we both were in different relationships, but within a few weeks, we were together.” – paradisco

“I went home with this deranged punk rock singer and we walked into the kitchen of his shared house and there was a dude giving himself a grim reaper tattoo with a jar of ink and a straight pin. Tattooed guy and I didn’t hook up that weekend, but we ran into each other a few weeks later and it was love, love, love for a couple years.” –Tit for Tat

“Met my favorite ex at a bar on karaoke night. Little did I know, he was actually trying to hit on someone else I was with. But he wound up taking my number after we sang ‘Summer Nights’ together.” – Hot Lips Coolihan

“I have met the last three guys I was seriously involved with in the same place: school. As nerdy as it is, you are guaranteed face to face time in class (so you can dress your best and just happen to look fantastic) and have the perfectly legitimate excuse of exchanging numbers and meeting up to be study buddies.” –Super Clever School Girl

“We met at work, but he turned into my best friend for a few years. He moved into my place when my other roommate was moving out, and he was in a bad spot and needed a room. I got really sick, he started taking me to my doctors appointments and treatments and such, and one thing led to another! It was cute, because he said that although we were only best friends, he always kinda had a thing for me from the beginning. I thought that was awesome, because when I first met him I had the hugest crush on him, bur one of us was always dating someone! We’ve been together for almost a year now!” – rsxSgirl

“He was sitting on my couch when I moved into a new apartment. He was a friend of my roommate. I didn’t even have to leave home!” –Roommate With Benefits

“I was at a gay night, and although I’m a breeder, I had just had a bad break up and wanted to go out with my BFFs. I was trying to get a drink at the bar, but the bartender wouldn’t give me the time of day because I was vagina-enabled. Then suddenly, a hunk swooped in offering to try to buy me a drink and I spent the next twenty minutes letting him charm the pants off me while I strategically asked questions to figure out if he was straight. Thank god that bartender took so dang long because it gave us the change to fall in L-O-V-E!” –BoobsNBooze

“I went stag to my ex-boyfriend’s wedding. A handsome gentleman at my table asked me to dance, but I didn’t think much of it. He was sweet and charming, but the whole evening was kind of hard to watch. So, I just ducked out, without saying goodbye. The guy from my table wound up asking my ex for my number. And I’m glad he did because now we’ve been married for three years!” – NewYorkDoll