Cheated On Your Boyfriend? Confess at

Well, this is depressing. Cheated on your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or your spouse and looking to get this secret off your back? Travel on over to where random cheaters confess publicly and anonymously to their sexual indiscretions. “You love me more incredibly and truly than anyone in my life has ever done, but somehow I still cheated,” Kat writes Dan in her online letter. “I hope you can forgive me, but I know I will never forgive myself.” At the site, you can share your story about cheating, you can tell how you get cheated on, you can admit to merely thinking about cheating, you can confess to being the other man or woman, or you can write a letter to whomever you did whatever you did to — if that’s your thing. Color me judgmental, but this site gives me the creeps. If you’re going to confess, get over it, or go see a shrink, and tell the other person. This seems so … backhanded and weak. I mean, I guess maybe it works for some people, but it seems like a sorry alternative to being blunt and telling the truth. [GorillaMask]