Awkward Senior Portrait Hall Of Shame: Class Of 2010

senior portrait g1 jpg
It’s graduation time again. You know what that means? Another batch of terribly awkward senior portraits. It doesn’t matter what year it is, what school it is, what city it is, senior class portraits always just turn out hilarious. Even the kids who try to look serious end up looking kind of lame. I’ve never quite understood why senior portraits are a custom. I get that graduating from high school is a big rite of passage in a young person’s life, but does anyone really want to remember high school? Or how they looked? Or what their interests were? It’s like the most awkward time of life (besides middle school). Anyone who disagrees with me must have missed the point of college. After the jump some of the finest senior class portraits brought to you by the class of 2010. In a few years they’ll look back and wonder what they were thinking. But for now, let’s all share a laugh, shall we? [BuzzFeed]

Above: Champagne wishes and chainsaw dreams.

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