When Jesse James Goes On “Nightline”: 10 Things We Hope Will Happen

Proving that some stars just can’t help but embarrass themselves again and again and again, Jesse James, who recently cheated on Sandra Bullock with Michelle McGee, is going on ABC’s “Nightline.” The interview will run next Tuesday, May 25 at 11:35 p.m. To be honest, we aren’t exactly Jesse James’ biggest fans. Shocker, I know, but I mean, there isn’t much we like about a guy who takes neo-Nazi photos and cheats on his loving wife. But that didn’t stop us from rounding up 10 things we hope happen during this televised interview.

  1. We want to see tears. A few on his cheek or an all-out crying breakdown will do.
  2. He dishes juicy deets about the Skittles Valentine orgy.
  3. An explanation for those white supremacist pictures is very much in order. Redeem yourself!
  4. We hope he explains why, exactly, he cheated on Sandra Bullock. If he admits that he had an inferiority complex, that’d be cool. His mistress chocked it up to the number of dogs that slept on the couple’s bed, but, for some reason, I think that’s BS.
  5. We’d also like an admission or denial of sex addiction. C’mon, everybody’s doing it.
  6. A breakdown of the pedal pumping fetish.
  7. We wanna know who this dude is seeing now. Is he still shagging the “bombshell”?
  8. An answer to this question: how could you cheat on a woman you were adopting a child with?
  9. We’re very interested in Jesse’s plans for the future. I bet he’s going to go on one of those D-list celebrity reality shows.
  10. Has he seen that porn movie spoof of his sexcapades? Was it accurate?

What are your hopes and dreams for this “Nightline” interview? [NY Daily News]