21 Nicknames Men Shouldn’t Give Their Johnsons

Here at The Frisky, we’re not too proud to think of nicknames for our genitals. In fact, we’ve even given you a list of approved nicknames for our vaginas. I mean, “penis” and “vagina.” So awkward to say, right? When it comes to johnsons, we may not know what we want to call it, but we sure know what we don’t want you to nickname your penis. Find out after the jump.

  1. Tiny Tim
  2. Mr. Layabout
  3. Itchy
  4. Jack Hammer
  5. The One-Eyed Wonder
  6. Vanilla Gorilla
  7. 10 Cent
  8. Senor Pokey McStrokey
  9. Mini-Me
  10. Jack Abramoff Jr.
  11. Hidey
  12. Captain Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
  13. Son of Scrotum
  14. The Baby Maker
  15. John Bobbitt II
  16. Boomerang Bob
  17. Hercules Meatcake
  18. Dribbler
  19. President of the Vagina States
  20. Hot Dog in a Hallway
  21. Donkey Schlong