Some Names Are Hotter Than Others

Yesterday, a guy friend of mine was telling me about a dude he knows who I might want to do a story on. He said the guy’s name was Hunter and gave me some other interesting tidbits about him, to which I replied, “He sounds hot!” My friend didn’t get how I had deduced that this guy would be good-looking based on so little info and without seeing a pic.

“His name,” I said. “Ninety percent of guys named Hunter are hot.” I realized how ridiculous that sounded, but the thing is, it is true. Go ahead — can you think of many or even any totally unattractive Hunters? The fact is, names can become associated with certain characteristics, which is not to say they’re always necessarily true. Dale just sounds like a dork; Johnnys are jackasses; Carl is likely an overgrown brat; and Amelias are gorgeous, brilliant, and sexually adventurous. I’m not saying names should be dealbreakers or dealmakers — but with a name like Hunter, it almost has to be good.

Tags: attraction, names