Rival Olympic Ice Dancers Skate Their Way Into Each Other’s Hearts

Olympic ice dancers Charlie White, 22, and Tanith Belbin, 25, were known to the world as rivals in Vancouver this past winter, but behind the scenes they were having a torrid love affair. Collective “aaahhhh,” please. White’s skating partner. Meryl Davis. and Belbin’s partner. Benjamin Agosto. knew about the secret relationship going into the Winter Olympics. Even though White and Belbin have known each other for years, they began to fall in love last June, but they chose to keep it on the DL during the season, communicating mostly via text and Facebook. They didn’t want the relationship to distract them from skating their best in Vancouver. “We like each other a lot, and the competing part hasn’t ever factored into our relationship or how we work with our respective partners,” Belbin said. Now that the Olympic season is over — White and Davis took the silver and Belbin and Agosto placed fourth — the couple is finally free to do the couples’ skate they’ve been dreaming of. The pair is currently on tour together with the Smuckers Stars on Ice skating tour and loving life on the road. After the tour, Belbin plans to move to Ann Arbor to be with White. She and Agosto are retiring their blades, but White will continue to skate with Davis. OK, I admit it. This story made my heart melt a little bit. I give it a perfect 10. When’s the made-for-TV movie coming out? [People]