Quickies: Lindsay Lohan Is Stuck In Cannes & 132 Pounds Is Too Fat For A Hooters Waitress

  • Supposedly, someone stole Lindsay Lohan’s passport, so she won’t be able to attend that mandatory court hearing tomorrow. [TMZ]
  • U.K. rapper Lady Sovereign has revealed to a lesbian magazine and the world that she’s gay. [HipAndPop.com]
  • How far is too far for you when it comes to getting naked? Locker room? Beach? [TrèsSugar]

  • Hooters told a 132-pound waitress that she was too fat, offered her a free gym membership, and gave her 30 days to lose weight. [Jezebel]
  • Sarah Silverman’s super expensive Comedy Central show has been given the ax. [NY Times]
  • A valedictorian proposed to her salutatorian during commencement. [Lemondrop]
  • Wedding photos suck, especially when taking them involves a pier collapsing. [Manofest]