James Cameron Sued By Unpublished Sci-Fi Romance Author

Avatar” was a mega-money maker for all involved, but author Kelly Van seems to think she was left out of the pay day to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars. Why? She claims that James Cameron stole ideas from her unpublished sci-fi romance novel, Sheila the Warrior: the Damned. She’s filed a copyright lawsuit against the filmmaker, stating that the characters, setting, plot, sound, visual effects, and total concept of “Avatar” are similar to her book which is about people from Earth who travel to another planet called “Tibet.” I wonder how she came up with that name? Very creative. A few other alleged similarities include the concept of “killing” being foreign, creatures called “bloodsuckers” that try to destroy the equilibrium of Tibet, a love story with one of the main characters and a man named “Crowman” who has the ability to fly, the creation of an evil species called “waterians,” trees or “leafers” having healing powers, and the existence of scantily clad characters. Because most indigenous peoples wear clothes? Well, it sounds like this lawsuit might have some (blue) legs. I wonder how Cameron got a hold of her unpublished book? Maybe he sent waterians to steal it from under her pillow while she slept.

Two questions: 1) When do we get to read Sheila the Warrior: the Damned? 2) Will the country of Tibet be suing Kelly Van for libel? [Gawker]