How To Break Up With Someone In An Email


Ashleigh Nankivell is a very funny video artist, animator, and blogger who has a few great projects you may want to check out, although How (Not) to Date Online is my favorite. There, Nankivell regularly offers up really bad advice, tips, and thoughts on dating online. A recent hilarious gem is a sample email one can use to dump someone via email. From “How to Dump Online: Email“:

Subject Line: I’ve Notified Law Enforcement Good Memories

Dear Tabitha,

I’ve been doing a lot of heavy drinking thinking, and I want to deboard your crazy train don’t think we should keep seeing each other. I really like your apartment you and I’m obviously very attracted to your roommate you, and in a lot ways I am baffled as to how you manage to function daily on even the most basic level we match well, but I just can’t see myself watching you pick lint off your sweater and eat it again staying in a relationship here.

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She also runs another entertaining site, OMGimTURNING30, where she has an age crisis, plays with her cat, acts like a lunatic, weeps, and gives out terrible tips on how to make your own Stila Makeup Player Case. She’s sort of like a haul vlogger gone wrong.

[How (Not) to Date Online]