Gravy Bath Salts Are For The Girl Who Prefers Savory To Sweet

I’m not much of a sweets person, not even when I’m PMSing. Savory is really my thing, especially when it comes to smell. The odor of sugar-coated nuts being roasted makes my stomach turn, but I could stick my nose over a pot of marinara sauce and inhale for hours. My preference for savory over sweet does not extend, however, to bath products. That’s too bad, as online gift shop Archie McPhee has just the thing for people who lack a sweet tooth — gravy bath salts! Not only will they make your bathroom smell like delicious turkey gravy, but they also turn your bath water into an appealing, rich brown color! Um, like diarrhea? Luckily, if turkey isn’t your favorite white meat, the salts also come in “chicken, pork, and brown.” What the hell is brown?! [$4.95, Archie McPhee]