Christoga: Ex-“Northern Exposure” Star Janine Turner Presents Yoga For Christians

Don’t blame me for the term “Christoga” — I didn’t make it up, Janine Turner did. The former actress — made famous for her role on “Northern Exposure” — has a new path in life and that’s to bring yoga to devout Christians. See, yoga in its inception is rooted in Hindu mythology and many classes have some focus on meditation or chanting. But what to do if you’re a devout Christian who isn’t comfortable standing in tree pose while calling out to Vishnu? Turner’s Christoga — available on DVD! — uses scriptures from the Christian Bible as the meditation focus and has renamed many of yoga’s traditional poses so they have a relation to Christianity. (For example, she refers to Boat Pose as “Holy Rollers.”) Being that the ultimate purpose of practicing yoga — beyond just exercise — is to experience enlightenment, more power to those, I suppose, who really want that enlightenment to obviously reflect their religious beliefs or whatever. But, like, does it really need a new name, especially one that is so dumb? [BlissTree]