What Are The 5 Things You Love?

I have a tendency to complain a lot. Whether it’s the person invading my private space on the train, lint on my clothes, or not enough hot water to complete my morning shower, I begin many sentences with “I hate … ” So in an effort to curb my complaining and actually be thankful for the truly awesome life I have, I’ve decided to come up with a daily list of five things I love:

  1. My family and my best friend, Chef
  2. The way my cat Aslo is the last to tell me good night and the first to say good morning
  3. My handbag and shoe collection
  4. New York City
  5. The History Channel’s “America: The Story of Us”

Find out what other Frisky ladies love after the jump and tell us what you love today in the comments.Amelia:

  1. My dog, Lucca
  2. Peonies
  3. Breakfast burritos
  4. Summertime!
  5. Spicy margaritas


  1. My sister
  2. Paris and speaking French (and improving it)
  3. My only four pieces of sentimental jewelry
  4. Being generally lucky enough to have good fortune in my life (loving family, excellent education, good job, financial independence)
  5. Amazing champagne


  1. My boyfriend and my family
  2. Photographs of my boyfriend when he was a baby
  3. My parents’ cats, Boo and Louie
  4. The journals I’ve kept since middle school
  5. All my books


  1. My seahorse in a jar
  2. My worn copy of The Fountainhead
  3. My computer
  4. My morning coffee
  5. My gym membership