Vodka Eyeballing Is The Stupidest Thing We’ve Ever Heard Of

High school and college students will go to incredibly stupid lengths to get drunk and/or high. I mean, remember the morning glory seed craze of 2009? But the latest is even worse—binge drinking … through their eyeballs. Those who pour vodka into their eyes claim that they feel the alcohol’s effects instantly. Evidently “vodka eyeballing” is also big in Las Vegas clubs and folks like to post clips of themselves doing it on YouTube. But, uh, people are also finding that they’re getting eye pain and constant tearing from doing it. Shocker! Medical experts are horrified and say that serious damage to the cornea could be done by pouring alcohol into the eye. And the kicker—docs also say there’s no way drinking through your eye could get you drunk faster. “At 40 percent pure ethanol, vodka in the eye would create inflammation and thrombosis— clotting of the blood vessels—such that very little alcohol would be absorbed,” explains one expert. So please, do not try this at home. For the love of your vision. [Daily Mail]