Who Is The Next Justin Bieber?

Just three minutes ago (in pop culture time), Justin Bieber was just a wee Canadian boy with a YouTube channel, floppy hair, and a dream of becoming a superstar. When he first arrived on the music scene, critics were dubbing him the next Michael Jackson (huh?) or Justin Timberlake. Now he’s causing tween riots riots around the world, making 3-year-olds cry, and performing with the likes of Usher. Katy Perry and cougars everywhere want to bonk him; Kim Kardashian wants to set him up with her little sis; lesbians everywhere are rushing out to get his haircut; and every up-and-coming pre-pubescent boy wants to be the next him. After the jump, two young chaps who are being dubbed the next J-Bieb. Does this mean his three minutes are about to end?

Greyson Michael Chance better get ready to have the paparazzi following him around if he really is the next Justin Bieber. The 12-year-old Oklahoma boy became a YouTube hit maker with a beautiful, piano-inspired cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” Ellen DeGeneres had him on her show to perform, and he was just signed by Interscope Records. Plus he has Bieber-esque locks. Do I smell a tween sensation? [CBS]

Is the next Justin Bieber hiding out Down Under? Some people think that 13-year-old Aussie Cody Simpson is ready to take the title of worldwide tween riot starter. He began posting videos of himself playing guitar on YouTube back in ’08 and now he has an album coming out on Atlantic. Why does his single “One” sound like Rihanna to me? Now all Cody needs is a faux hawk to distinguish himself. The Bieb’s hair doesn’t really work on him. [BlackBook]