Prom Queen Gone Wild!

I went to two proms and they were both terribly uneventful. Junior year I tagged along with the prettiest girl in my class and her date — looking back, I realize they probably did not want me there. Senior year I went with my gay bestie. I did not get drunk, I did not have sex, I did not even kiss anybody. I probably danced badly and couldn’t wait to get home. But really, anyone’s prom would seem unexciting in comparison to the prom night Jessica Halter had. According to the Smoking Gun, “the Ohio student, 18, was arrested Saturday night at her high school prom after she drunkenly assaulted a policeman, tried to kick a paramedic, and spewed a ‘bloody ball of spit’ at one cop.” Apparently, the extremely wasted senior got pissed at school administrators when they called her out on being drunk, which she denied. Hey Jessica, if you want to convince people you’re not totaled, you shouldn’t do so by cursing out your principal. On a positive note, looks like her Bump-It stayed in throughout the ordeal. [The Smoking Gun]