Noah Mills Is Samantha’s Sexy New Boy Toy In “Sex And The City 2″

Noah Mills costars opposite Samantha Jones in the upcoming “Sex and the City 2” as the sex-crazed cougar’s latest play thing, and, MAN, IS HE HOT, LADIES. Find out everything you ever needed to know to get in his pants after the jump.

  1. He’s … 26? 28? Reports vary. Either way, he’s legal.
  2. His on-screen sex with Kim Cattrall was “very professional.”
  3. He was born in Vancouver, raised in Baltimore (the youngest of five), and lives in New York City.
  4. He’s 6’2″ and known for his “abs, lips.”
  5. He’s a Taurus.
  6. Shocker! He’s an ex-model: Galliano, Gucci, YSL, Tom Ford, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana.
  7. He’s down for cougars: “If I met a woman, and she was older and I was into her, I’d go for it.”
  8. He has a “07” branded on his arm. “In 11th grade, we won the big local basketball game and we were out celebrating. I had my basketball number drawn with a marker on my arm. As the night progressed, I asked my friend to burn it into my shoulder with a butter knife and a lighter. It LUCKILY turned out pretty well. But my friends weren’t as lucky with theirs.”
  9. This is his feature film debut, which makes him a virgin, sort of.
  10. He’s single.

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