First Look: House Of Dereon Bedroom Collections

Beyonce and mom Tina Knowles are bringing their luxe style to a department store near you. Their home decor lines, House of Dereon and Dereon, feature bedding influenced by Europe, bohemian chic, and dressmaking. Both lines will offer sheet sets, coverlets, comforters, pillow shams, and decorative pillows, but the embroidery-oriented House of Dereon caters to the more adult and sophisticated consumer, whereas the more print-oriented Dereon collection is for the 15 to 30 year olds. Think of it this way: House of Dereon is for the master bedroom and Dereon is for student or recent grad’s bedroom.

The prices may or may not be affordable, depending on your situation. A sheet set from House of Dereon will run about $70, which would be a steal if it were made of high-quality natural fabrics, but these pics suggest there’s a lot of polyester going on. Expect to pay upwards of $150 for the rest of the collection. Dereon is priced a little lower, from $49.99 to $99.99. And don’t think Tina’s going to stop once she builds a bedding empire; she has plans to redecorate bathrooms, too. Will you look for these collections when they hit stores? []