Is Valerio Pino Ricky Martin’s Boyfriend?

Rumor has it Valerio Pino and Ricky Martin are dating. But are they? And who the hell is Valerio Pino? Well, one thing we know for sure: He is hot. Find out everything you maybe ever wanted to know about these two hotties, and check out more of Pino, way more, after the jump.
Back in March, Martin announced he’s gay, shocking one person. Now, gossip blogs are falling over themselves to figure out who’s had the pleasure of bedding sexy Ricky. The main rumor involves Pino, who, judging by his website, is an Italian dancer, model, catwalk coach, and presenter. Socialite Life reports the two dated for a year, hooking up in Spain and Miami, while Just Jared claims the two are doing the horizontal mambo as boyfriend-and-boyfriend, presumably not to the tune of “She Bangs.”

Here, we see what Pino looks like prancing around with little-to-no clothes on. It is enjoyable, no? We appreciate Martin’s taste. If this is his man, that is.

A celebrity sex tape starring these two is one we would like to see.

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