How To Get More Bang For Your Buck In The Bathroom

When I’ve shelled out big bucks for beauty products, I’d like them to last as long as possible. But what can you do besides turn bottles upside down when products get down to the end? Brokelyn compiled a list of suggestions for how to make items in your medicine cabinet go the distance. While some were extreme (we don’t think we’d want to use a 17-cent disposable razor for a whole year anyway), we’re going to follow the four suggestions after the jump. [Brokelyn]

  • Your razor will remain sharp and rust-free longer if you keep it dry. After showering, blot your razor with a towel or shoot a gust of hot air over it when you’re blow-drying your hair.
  • Cosmetics will last longer if you keep them away from air, heat, and moisture. Washing your hands and face, along with regularly cleaning makeup applicators, will extend the lifespan of your favorite makeup.
  • Even though perfume bottles are pretty enough to keep out on the counter, putting them someplace dark will ensure they don’t go bad quickly.
  • Less air gets in when moisturizers and cleansers come out of a pump top, so replace standard bottle tops with pumps, and your products will last longer.

How do you make beauty items last longer than usual?