Grannies For Gaga

If Lady Gaga got all of her “little monsters” together, she could probably start a Gaga-lution. But not all of her monsters are so little. As it so happens, Gaga is involved in a good romance with the over-50 crowd. What should we call them? “Big monsters”? Apparently, the “big monsters” are all about Gaga’s music. Step away from the iPod, Grandma! Must make some lively bridge conversation. If she has such a big elderly following, does this mean she’ll consider doing an all-geriatric concert, no earplugs necessary? After the jump, PopEater caught up with a few of Gaga’s most mature monsters. Big Monster’s Name: Joyce Carter
Age: 56
Fave Song: “Bad Romance”
How She Got Into Gaga: Listening with her granddaughter, Makenna. “Immediately, I was taken in by the beat and ended up falling in love,” she said.

Big Monster’s Name: Carol Lee Bour Folsom
Age: 62
Fave Song: “Bad Romance”
How She Got Into Gaga: She was working in a group home and overheard her clients listening. “She’s outrageous in a good way, because she is expressing how she feels. That’s how we all should be able to do it … I’m proud of her that she can do that and doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks,” says Folsom, whose grandchildren think she’s nuts.

Big Monster’s Name: Barbara Sivo
Age: 60
Fave Song: “Paparazzi” and “Poker Face”
How She Got Into GaGa: On XM Radio. “My granddaughter listens to Lady Gaga, and her friends think it is very cool that grandma knows the lyrics to her songs,” brags Sivo.

Does your granny rock out to Gaga? [PopEater]