George Huguely, UVA Lacrosse Player, Had A History Of Violence

It’s been almost two weeks since Yeardley Love, a 22-year-old UVA student and lacrosse player, was allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend, George Huguely. (Huguely was charged with first-degree murder in her death.) As the weeks wear on, more details have emerged about Huguely’s alleged violence and partying, including whispers from his lacrosse teammates that Huguely attacked a fellow student last year. Several UVA lacrosse players told The Washington Post, under the condition of anonymity, that in February 2009 Huguely had heard a fellow teammate kissed Love and then, after “a night of partying,” Huguely attacked the teammate while the guy was sleeping. According to the players, UVA’s lacrosse coach Dom Starsia disciplined both Huguely and his teammate. However, both still played in games that week. Not including Love’s death, this attack on a teammate is the third — count ‘em, three — allegation of Huguely’s violent behavior that has come to light. In November 2008, Huguely was arrested for public intoxication by a female police officer after he called her racist and sexist slurs. He also told Officer R.L. Moff, “I’ll kill you. I’ll kill all of y’all. I’m not going to jail.” Moff said that Huguely had to be Tasered before he could be put into handcuffs. Fellow teammates also told The Washington Post that two months ago, Huguely became physically aggressive with Love at a party and had to be pulled apart from her.

University of Virginia officials claim they didn’t know about Huguely’s 2008 arrest and knew nothing about the violence in Huguely and Love’s relationship. Spokeswoman Carol Wood told The Washington Post:

“Unfortunately, no one came forward to anybody who could do anything. Fellow students kept it among themselves. We have some students who are really suffering. Because they’re saying in hindsight: ‘That could have been a signal. That could have been a signal.’ “

I’m kind of bothered the spokesperson passes the blame off to the students for not speaking up. Perhaps the university should take a look at itself and examine whether it created an atmosphere where students could speak up. For all we know, Love had friends, sorority sisters or teammates, who knew or suspected there was control and aggression in her relationship with Huguely, but domestic violence is not something they thought would be taken seriously. At the very least, the lacrosse coach knew Huguely attacked a fellow student while he was sleeping after a night of “partying.” It’s not a secret that Huguely was violent! Really, it is absolutely unacceptable that Huguely was accused of three different violent incidents (that we know of) and still managed not only to stay enrolled at UVA but play for its lacrosse team. Maybe, knowing Huguely was still at school after he had allegedly done so many bad things, fellow students thought their concerns would be dismissed.

Really, it’s pretty dumb that little kids get suspended from kindergarten for the day for kissing a fellow student, but a grown-up college student with an alleged drinking problem? He gets to stay on campus until his ex-girlfriend gets killed.

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