French Tampon Campaign Featuring “Max Le Tampax” Is Wrong In So Many Ways

Nevermind how I found myself at the French website for Tampax. What’s more crazy is what I found there: a marketing campaign recruiting Tampax tampon users to vie for a spot as president of the “Max Le Tampax” Fan Club. Why anyone in their right mind would want to be the president of a club dedicated to the art of menstruation is beyond me. Worse, I can’t imagine the ad agency reps behind this campaign were in any state of mental stability when they created this Max character—a young, overly dramatic dude (dare I even say teenager?) dressed in a giant yellow tampon costume …
In a series of videos, we learn that Max and his Tampax friends attend a special school where they do exercises and parade around in their rainbow tampon uniforms and—what, is that a tail dragging on the ground?—oh God, it’s the effing cotton string dangling between his legs.

No surprise that the French fall back onto their primitive sense of humor that’s so bad it couldn’t even be in a “Saturday Night Live” skit. (Euhh, behh oui! You see ‘ow zis ees funny? Eet ees because no woman would insert a talking yellow boy into her vagine. Zis is, how you say, la farce?) [,]