Condoleezza Wanted To Play In The WNBA

Condoleezza Rice wrote a really sweet essay about how she wishes she’d had a chance to play in the WNBA instead of being turned into a “mediocre” figure skater against her will. As a lanky kid, the former secretary of state (and current Stanford professor) said she envied the athletes for “playing a sport in which you can actually sweat and grimace when something goes wrong,” because in skating, “even after the most humiliating and painful falls you were expected to get up and smile.” This is maybe the best reason ever to dislike something. She also stands by sports because it helps people learn, “that you are only as good as the person next to you in the trenches. Great friendships come from pursuing a common and very measurable goal. These athletes learn too how to recover from bad performances and get up the next day, work hard and do it all over again. Sort of like life.” The essay also addressed the fact that most women don’t see sports as being a viable career option, despite the fact that her female students do a better job at balancing athletics and academics then her male students who see college as a “pit stop on the road to the NFL or the NBA.” I don’t know what Condoleezza’s friends call her (Condo? Leezza?), but the WNBA has a friend in her! She just wishes there was more of a fan base to keep it going. Condoleezza was on hand for the WNBA season tip-off on May 15th. Will you guys be watching the WNBA this season? And does anyone want to track down her old figure skating videos as much as I do? [The Daily Beast]