Can We Please Bring Jazzercise Back?

Exercise trends come and go. Right now it’s all about yoga, all 700 variations of it. Yoga is fabulous, but sometimes it’s just too serious. Don’t you ever want to make a joke while everyone is in Downward Dog? Don’t you ever want to hear some music instead of listening to yourself breathe for 90 minutes? I do. I was hanging out with my brother last night and he reminded me about the exercise craze in our house for the first half of the ’80s. Every morning my mother and I used to put on leotards and leg warmers and pop in Judi Sheppard Missett’s hour-long Jazzercise workout video. And I’m sure we weren’t the only people on the block sweating with Judi. Jazzercise was huge, until it got ousted by step aerobics, which my dad was totally into, by the way. I still remember the theme song. “Let’s go Jazzercising, exercising … oh let’s go Jazzercise, get that tired old body off of the floor, let’s go Jazzercise some more!” The workout started off with a long stretch to “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do).” We’re going to “get you fit and keep you smilin’ sugar,” Judi would say, her permed bob bouncing. Then we would go on to dance it out to other hits like “Upside Down,” “Papa Was A Music Man,” and “After Midnight” while watching Judi and her gang of brightly leotarded lackeys barely break a sweat. Then Mom and I would drink some Crystal Lite and sit on the astroturf patio. Those were the good ol’ days of fitness, when working out was about having a good time and wearing bright colors. When it was about fun. I want my Jazzercise back! I want to wear striped unitards and dance to ridiculous music. Judi, if you’re out there, we need your help.I call for a resurgence of Jazzercise. Let’s bring it back, people! Who’s with me?