“Law & Order” Canceled: 10 Reasons We’re Sad To See It Go

I am sure you’ve heard the news that, because of steadily declining ratings, “Law & Order” has been canceled after 20 seasons. The final episode of the show will air on May 24th, guest-starring Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn. In the end, “Law & Order” will tie with “Gunsmoke” for the longest-running drama, but will not surpass it. Thankfully, the show’s legacy is not over. NBC has renewed “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and is introducing a sister series, “Law & Order: Los Angeles” or “LOLA.” To me, canceling a classic show to create such a similar one is a “New Coke” situation waiting to happen. [New York Daily News]

There will be “Law & Order” reruns, likely until the end of time, but since we are still a little hurt that we have to say goodbye, read on for 10 reasons we are sorry to see “L&O” go.

  1. Sigh. Now there will be a little less of the awesome “dung dung” sound-bite in our lives.
  2. After so many seasons, we’d figured out the “Law & Order” writers’ favorite tricks—the kid usually did it, the I-did-it-to-save-Israel defense. With a new writing staff in L.A., it could take years to crack their code.
  3. The show was one of the first to use New York City as a backdrop, filming on the streets of our fine city. This proved to networks that the Big Apple was a good place to film a show, attracting over 150 different series to film here over the years. We’ll miss turning random corners and running into “Law & Order” being filmed.
  4. With its “ripped from the headlines” plots, “Law & Order” brought crimes and injustices that might have gone unnoticed to the attention of millions of viewers. Now we’ll have to actually read a newspaper. Boring.
  5. We’re worried about Sam Waterston. After being on “Law & Order” for 386 episodes, where will he go for work? We do not want to see him on the unemployment line.
  6. Speaking of the series’ stars, without “Law & Order,” Chris Noth wouldn’t have landed the part of “Mr. Big” on “Sex and The City.” Imagine where Carrie Bradshaw would be without him. With Aidan? Be quiet, please.
  7. “Law & Order” also launched many other notable careers. For example, a pre-“My So Called Life” Claire Danes played an aspiring model who stabbed her pimp back in the day.
  8. The show addressed major issues on and off the screen. “Law & Order” dealt with prostitution, drugs, violence, and poverty, but the cast and creators also fought against TV censorship in real life.
  9. “Law & Order was one of the few simple shows left. The series consisted of criminal investigation that was over by the end of the episode. The viewer wasn’t weighed down by having to remember character details, sub-plots, and backstories to appreciate an episode. A welcome relief from shows that have complex storylines. I am looking at you, “Lost.”
  10. “Law & Order” was just a good show. And spin-offs are never quite as good as the original.

“Law & Order,” you will be missed.