The Unfriendly Skies: 7 Celebs Behaving Badly In Airports

The friendly skies have gotten a little choosy about who gets to fly in them, or so it seems for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who’s banned from all United Airline flights. The actor landed himself on the no-fly list as a result of an unruly, alcohol-filled episode early this month. Meyers worried the crew when they saw him guzzling down drinks in the first class lounge before an early flight. Their concern was well-founded, because while boarding the plane, Meyers became belligerent and disruptive, causing him to be escorted from the aircraft. The incident also proved that there are some issues that the actor’s sexiness cannot solve. This was not Meyers’ first run-in with air and alcohol—he was previously arrested for attacking a staff member at a bar in Charles de Gaulle airport. [Radar Online]

But on the bright side, he is in good company! Read on for a list of other celebrities who had an issue at airports before they even got off the ground.

  • Naomi Campbell is notorious for throwing things, and this time she went tossing around her own spit. The model was forcibly ejected from a British Airways flight after she spit on one of the attendants. Campbell started hocking because the crew informed her they lost one of her bags. Now, that would make any woman act out, but probably in a way that had a little more class. Campbell was arrested, but no charges were filed against her. [FOX News]
  • Snoop Dog and Co. found themselves in jail, instead of on the jetway, after the rapper and his 30-plus entourage started a fight at Heathrow Airport. The altercation arose when part of Snoop’s posse was denied access to the business lounge because they were flying in economy class. The scuffle left seven police officers injured. Everyone was released on bail a day later, but I am sure Snoop ended up in the doghouse once he got home. [People]
  • Diana Ross was acting like a supreme diva when she was arrested at Heathrow Airport. The singer was detained for five hours following the assault of an airport employee. The worker claims that Ross attacked her when she attempted to frisk the singer after she set off a security scanner. Miss. Ross must have thought that she was being touched in all the wrong places, because she threatened to give the worker a frisking of her own. How Frisky! [BBC News]
  • Ivana Trump started acting like a child while waiting for a plane to take off at a Florida airport. Trump threw a tantrum because she was upset with the noise and disturbance a group of children were causing in her first class section. The kiddies won the battle when Trump was escorted from the plane and the children got to stay on and continue their rumpus. [ABC News]
  • Kanye West didn’t even get inside the airport when he got arrested. The rapper and his bodyguard were handcuffed by police after they started a scuffle with paparazzi outside LAX. West apparently smashed a tabloid photographer’s camera to the ground after he started taking pictures of him, and his bodyguard followed suit throwing another. With the cameras costing around $10,000 each, the paparazzi weren’t too happy and made sure the police heard about it. [MTV]
  • Coolio made the mistake of bringing a little “Gangsta Paradise” with him to the Los Angeles International Airport. The rapper was arrested when he we was found to have crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia on his person. The good news is that this event will probably land him another appearance on “Celebrity Boot Camp” or something Dr. Drew-related. [MTV]