Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Type

You enter a bar and scope out the scene. In a matter of minutes you have already taken in the surroundings and grouped the men into two categories: “my type” and “not my type.” Into the first category go all the men who resemble past loves, celebrity crushes, your ideal match, and the image you have of yourself. Into the second category go all the poor souls who are too different from you, who aren’t dressed in a certain way, who talk to loud or too soft, who are too stuffy or too smart, who have too many friends or not enough, or any one of the number of other qualities you’ve deemed unattractive in a date. With that done, you sit down, smooth your hair, and do your best to look available.

Lo and behold a potential suitor approaches. But as he grows nearer, your heart drops as you realize that he’s a member of the latter category. In an instant you’ve made up your mind—you’re not interested because he’s not your type. However, you do your best to humor him and even accept a drink or two. He’s funny, and smart, and he makes you laugh, but he’s too business and you’re too artsy. So you smile and half-listen but all the while you’re busy trying to catch the eye of the brooding musician across the room, and it doesn’t take long before Mr. Category 2 gets the picture and excuses himself.

You’re relieved and wait anxiously for Mr. Category 1 to finally make his way over to you. However time passes and he’s still at the bar talking about Passion Pit with his friends. And sure enough, a girl walks in, puts her arm around his neck and kisses him. He’s taken. Ugh.

Another night and you’re going home alone. But it’s not your fault, you think to yourself, all the good guys are taken!

We’ve all blown off a perfectly dateable man simply because he’s not our type. Instead we wait for a relationship with the kind of guy we think is our type to finally work out. And how did we settle on this type in the first place?

Well, that’s the reason so many of us singles are, well… still single. Read more

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