The Lost Girls Are My New Heroes

Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbet, and Amanda Pressner—aka “The Lost Girls”—were just typical 20-something New York City gals. Until four years ago, they made a life-changing decision to leave their media jobs, apartments, and boyfriends behind to embark on a 60,000 mile, year-long sojourn around the world. Their goal? To venture off the beaten path and make due without the usual creature comforts. In fact, they stuck to a strict budget of $30 a day. “The state of being lost,” Jennifer says, “means that you’re ready to make some kind of change, to do some deeper examination of who you really are as a person and who you’d like to become.” Holly adds, “Travel is one deliberate, rewarding way to get that process started.” They got it started alright. The ladies hit 12 countries including Peru, Brazil, Kenya, India, Cambodia, New Zealand,Thailand, and Bali. They sought out adventures, new experiences, and even did some volunteer work. The best part? Their journey inspired them to start a website,, which eventually led to the development of a 542-page book. Their adventures are chronicled in The Lost Girls: Three Friends, Four Continents, One Unconventional Detour Around the World, which hit shelves on Tuesday. “We observed life through our own critical lenses, views no longer shaped by the news media back home, Hollywood or even an optimistic vision of how we’d hoped the world might turn out to be … The individual connections we made with the people along our journey gave us a visceral connection to the hope and optimism that bind us all together,” Jennifer said of her global education. [Huffington Post, USA Today]

Can I steal their idea?