Quick Tip Of The Day: How To Extend A Waistband Without Any Sewing

I’ve gained an inch or two in the waist since purchasing one of my favorite skirts this past fall. (Here’s a pic of the skirt.) There’s no room to let the waistband out a little, so I’d given up wearing it until I lost the extra meat. But today I really wanted to put it on, and I thought there had to be a creative way to overcome the too-small obstacle. And there was! I’ve seen button extenders before, but I don’t think they’re necessary. All you really need is a rubber band and a cute belt.

Loop one end of the rubber band around the button and push the other end through the buttonhole. Then, loop that same end around the button. Now, cover the waistband with a belt. No one else will know your skirt or pants don’t fit perfectly.