A Second Woman Says She Was Sexually Assaulted By Roman Polanski

Today, British actress Charlotte Lewis and ever-present celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference in which Lewis accused director Roman Polanski of sexually assaulting her. Both women remained vague on the details, but stated that the assault happened in 1982 when Lewis was only 16. This was four years after Polanski fled the United States to avoid sentencing in the Samantha Geimer case. Lewis says that the director forced himself on her at his apartment in Paris. She said the circumstances were similar to Geimer’s case, though she would not comment on if this meant that rape or drugs were involved. Lewis knew the director at the time of the alleged assault and went on to act in his 1986 film, “Pirates.” She said she came forward as a result of learning that Polanski may be returning to the United States and would not expand on whether she plans to press charges, or why she stayed silent about the assault for so long. Allred stated that she and her client are only looking for Polanski to take responsibility for what he has done. Lewis said that she has had no contact with the initial victim, Geimer, who has stated that she wants the director excused of his crime against her.

I am sure we will all be hearing plenty more about Charlotte Lewis and her story, but for now things are still a little bit hazy. What do you think of her accusation?