No Porn, Or Even Nipples, On The iPad

For an electronic device named after feminine hygiene products, the iPad isn’t loving the lady parts. Because of Steve Jobs’ desire for “moral responsibility,” pornographic content is blocked from the iPad. The device has a stringent anti-nipple policy and this extends to art photography. In order to publish on the iPad, magazines like Dazed & Confused and Vice, which often include nudity, will now have to censor their work. An insider at Dazed & Confused said that they nicknamed the iPad version the “Iran edition” of the magazine and a spokeswoman for Germany’s news and gossip newspaper Bild quipped, “Today they censor nipples, tomorrow editorial content.” We need to be nice to magazines—they’re an endangered species and the iPad was supposed to save them from their spiraling death pool! And no one’s going to read magazines without nipples! Just kidding about that last part. But maybe if nipples weren’t considered “pornographic,” people wouldn’t make such a big fuss about women breast-feeding in public? [Newser]