Jeans That Supposedly Make You Look 15 Pounds Thinner?

Hello! SkinnyJeans (yeah, awesome name) claim to make you look 15 pounds thinner, and they’ve been getting a lot of press because of it. The trick to these jeans, says the company, includes a “Disguised Stomach Flattener, Sexy Thigh-Scooping/Buttocks-Lifting Shape, Leg Lengthening Design in Barely-Boot Cut, and Smart Shading & Fading.” Sounds like a lot of fancy talk? It would seem it is. tried out the denim wares for themselves and found that there are some major design flaws, like super-fake whiskering and dye-jobs gone wrong, and the tester said, “I definitely did not look 15 pounds thinner. I didn’t even look five pounds thinner … The bottom line: These are really stretchy jeans that are fairly comfortable but not earth-shattering in terms of fit or style.” The lesson here? Only way to lose 15 pounds fast is to chop off a few limbs.

However, in all seriousness, we’d like to know—any jeans you swear by for making your booty look significantly smaller and your body generally slammin’? Share your secret in the comments! [Fashionista]