In Bed With … Jon Kortajarena

May 19, 1985 in Bilbao, Spain
Sun Sign: Taurus
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Taurus
Mercury: Taurus
Venus: Aries
Mars: Gemini

Love Style:

Smooth, sensual, and sexy, Jon was born for love. Being ruled by the Venusian sign of Taurus, in his sun, moon and Mercury, makes him a man who takes his time when enjoying the finer things in life. When it comes to love, he’s not someone who ever rushes. That’s not to say he doesn’t like immediacy, passion and chutzpah, but he understands that beautiful things take time to grow. He’s not willing to ignore the process, because he gets that is where the nectar of love truly exists. Yes, reliable, solid, and never one to leave his lovers out in the rain, he’s the guy who is nurturing, kind to small animals and the elderly and, when in love, is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his honey’s comfort and satisfaction. While he might not come across as the quickest or brightest crayon in the box, or even the most exciting per se, one thing is certain, he’s a giver who thrives on commitment, love, and all the things that would make anyone feel warm and fuzzy.

Sex Style:

Clear your schedule, because once Jon hits the sack, he’s in for the long haul, as he covets sensuality, stamina, and style. He’s got a strong love for beauty and he’ll make sure each tryst is a romantic scenario worthy of a Harlequin novel. Yes, this man is a Casanova-style lover, one who gets involved and truly satisfies himself and whomever he is with. He fuels himself through the five senses and will make whomever he is with feel as if they are the most beautiful work of art. However, be warned that his curiosities are vast and his attention can wane suddenly. But once he is in for the night, he makes it worth anyone’s while, as he has an irresistible way of making his conquests feel as if they are the only one he’s ever been with.

His Type:

Jon wants his lovers to resemble a piece of art in every way, with beauty on the outside and perfect elegance exuding from the inside. To him, image counts, as he isn’t inspired by any frumpy delight. No, he likes the look of high class, but with a humility that makes them seem untouchable. While he’s not all about superficiality, it just happens to be an unspoken requirement he does have — he doesn’t register anything unless it goes through his senses first. Yes, he wants the looks, the sounds, the touch, the tastes and the scents all to arouse. From there, he does like someone who is more motivated and quicker to make decisions than him, but has a sense of humor about being the top. He isn’t one to move fast with much of anything, so he needs someone to complement him. Not to say he’s a total bottom, because he does like to switch it up, and for that, he needs someone who can truly inspire him, without making him feel nagged. An adventurous spirit is a must, but also one who can languish in comfort too, as it’s a perfect blend of homey and haute that’ll fuel his fire.

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