Clover Necklaces: The Next Big “Sex And The City”-Inspired Trend

Sex and the City” has launched scores of fashion trends, from nameplate necklaces to ginormous flower pins, and the second movie, out May 27, will likely cause the same frenzy among women who want to be Carrie Bradshaw. The movie’s costume designer, Patricia Field, told she thinks clover leaf necklaces, which Carrie wears in the new film, could become the next SATC-inspired craze. Pat’s selling a variation of the necklace at her store, but click through for some less ostentatious options.

Nashelle Lucky Clover Necklace, $100, Max & Chloe
Jules Smith Clover Charm Necklace, $60, National Jean Company
My Lucky Key No. 2 Vintage Key Necklace, $26, Etsy
Make A Wish Necklace, $30, Dogeared
Clover Necklace, $29, Lucky Brand