Change Your Hair A Lot? Probably Means You’re Psycho

You know the cliche—women who chop off all their hair are going through a breakup. [I did it! — Editor Amelia] There is some truth behind this assumption, according to psychotherapist Heather Turgeon, who explains that, “Hairstyles are one of the most obvious, defining changes women can make to their appearance.” Although Turgeon says constant hair changes could simply be some people’s way of showing off their personality, rather than a sign of inner conflict, there is something to say for women who are obsessed with re-doing their hair, as they might suffer from weird psychological neuroses. Some hairdressers claim that super frequent customers often warrant “red flags” for people who are overly stressed or emotional. An obvious example? Lindsay Lohan, a celeb who seems to be wearing a new wig every day. No surprise there.

However, it is a bit of a generalization to say that if you’re going through a bunch of hair changes that something’s wrong in your life … or, um, wow, uh, this is stressing us out, ohmygodifeelsofatandugly and mycareerisgoingnowhere and OH GOD we’re late for a hair appointment! [StyleList]