And The Prize Goes To … The Best Beach Read Recommendations

With summer right around the corner, we could all use some book recommendations. So, in exchange for a chance to win Emily Giffin’s latest novel, Heart of the Matter, we asked you to share your favorite beach reads. Click through to see which two comments we picked as winners!

I ‘found’ Jackie Collins when I was 14, i think (it was ‘Hollywood Wives’) and my mother yelled at me for reading ‘trashy books’ so i had to sneak them during swim practice at the lake. Since then, i buy her newest book every year as a summer treat to myself. Her villians are always deliciously psycho, and the naughty bits are still as bad as they were 16 years ago (i’m 30 now, and i still love her). I think i’ve read almost all of her books…can’t wait for beach season now!! StefLova

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is an AMAZING beach read- I took on spring break this spring (my senior year of college) and it fufilled all the necessary beach-read requirements: 1. I could read it will drinking mixed cocktails, 2. It talked about love and relationships in some form, 3. It was interesting and a page turner…plus I looked smart and cool while reading it (a total plus while lying around in a bikini)lilahlily

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