Supermodel Noemie Lenoir Attempted Suicide

French supermodel Noemie Lenoir, who has modeled for Victoria’s Secret and Gap, among others, is recovering in a hospital after being found unconscious in a forest as a result of a failed suicide attempt on Sunday. She apparently consumed a deadly combination of pills and alcohol while staying at ex-boyfriend Claude Makelele’s home in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, on the outskirts of Paris. Lenoir called an ambulance for herself, reporting that she “felt very ill,” but then canceled emergency services. She then went for a walk in the forest that surrounds Makelele’s mansion. A passerby discovered her unconscious body a few hours after her initial call for help. A source says Lenoir was in a state of distress and was visibly ill after being revived. She is being treated for an overdose and is recovering well in a hospital.
Although Lenoir and Makelele have a 5-year-old son together, their relationship, which she has described as “great,” reportedly isn’t the cause of her extreme “cry for help.” However, a man might be at the heart of her distress. Lenoir’s current boyfriend, Swiss multi-millionaire Carl Hirschmann, is involved in an extortion and sex scandal involving other models. Swiss police have accused him of engaging in orgies with young models who he has plied with vodka. Hirschmann reportedly videotaped these models performing depraved sex acts and demanded money from the women in exchange for keeping the recordings private. Hirschmann was arrested in April for having sex with a minor and forcing another person to have sex against their will.

Lenoir remained committed to Hirschmann and visited him in Zurich at every opportunity. However, the nature of the accusations against him have weighed heavily on her and are “tearing her apart,” according to a friend.

Although we hope Lenoir makes a complete recovery, it seems unthinkable that a mother would risk leaving her child motherless because she’s distraught over a boyfriend’s legal plight and gross sexual preferences. Maybe (and this is a big maybe) Hirschmann was also blackmailing Lenoir into supporting him as a girlfriend should. That’s just my theory, though. [Daily Mail via The YBF]