Renaming “Cougar Town”? 10 Alternate Show Titles We’d Like To See

Apparently, “Cougar Town” co-creator Bill Lawrence is not too happy with his show’s title. He feels that the name just doesn’t match up with the show, which has become more about a group of neighbors than just about star Courteney Cox. “There are too many instances of testing where people say they would never watch a show called ‘Cougar Town’—‘I don’t want to see some show about a 40-year-old woman nailing younger guys,’” says Bill. “And then they screen an episode, and people go, ‘Oh, I would watch this show.’” Wait, did it really take him a year to realize this?

Bill isn’t sure what he’d like to call the show, but one idea he jokes about—calling it “Friends and Neighbors,” the ‘friends’ in a certain ’90s font. [People]

This got us thinking. There are lots of shows out there with names that don’t gel with the concept. After the jump, what we’d change their opening credits to say.

The Real Title Our Dream Title
“Two and a Half Men” “A Sex Addict/Alleged Wife-Beater, Duckie, and a Preteen.”
“True Blood” “Southern Vampire Porn: The TV Show!”
“The Bachelor” “One Loser & The 25 Dip-S**ts That Think They Love Him”
“Dancing With The Stars” “Trying To Dance With C-Listers”
“90210” “Pretty High Schoolers With More Money and Sexual Partners Than You”
“America’s Next Top Model” “Smize Central”
“The Hills” “Train Wrecks Not Involving LiLo”
“Lost” “Mind F***”
“American Idol” “Kids Making Bank For Singing Snippets of Songs”
“24” “Kiefer Sutherland Saves The World”

Got any you’d like to add?