Ladies, Marrying A Younger Man Can Kill You

According to an article in Science Daily, Demi Moore probably won’t be with us much longer. Seriously, though, studies show that women who get hitched to younger dudes have a lower life expectancy than chicks who score a spouse their own age. On the flip side, men with younger wives tend to live longer. Life just isn’t fair. While the reasons are unclear, studies show that men who have younger wives increase their life expectancy by 11 percent. It has long been thought that this was true for women too but, alas, it isn’t. Women who want to maximize their life span must chose carefully. Younger men and older men make our lives shorter, so we have to go with someone who’s exactly the same age.

Scientists are still struggling to explain this mess but one theory is that women who marry younger men violate social norms and, thus, spend the rest of their lives suffering from social stigmatization. They get less support, have increased stress and aren’t happy. This sounds like a bit of a stretch to me and, in fact, this whole thing just seems crazy. Studies have also shown that marriage makes us live longer—so what gives?!

Are you convinced by all this?