Kim Kardashian Drowns Her Food In Windex

If you thought Jennifer Aniston’s Baby Food Diet was stupid and weird, check out Kim Kardashian’s Windex method of losing weight. Apparently, the apple-bottomed reality TV star sprays the glass cleaner on her food so she doesn’t eat it. When she’s out of town (and isn’t toting a bottle of Windex in her purse?) she pours soda on her food. If this is true — and I wouldn’t be shocked if it is — it pisses me off. (If it’s not, let the following rant be directed at those who do follow a “diet” similar to this.) How absolutely wasteful of her — there are people in this country who struggle to put food in their kids’ mouths, while she’s one of the lucky elite who never has to worry about money. Rendering perfectly good food inedible simply because she doesn’t have the willpower to stop eating is a grotesque example of taking privilege for granted. If you only want to eat half of your overpriced restaurant meal, Kim, why not take the rest home in a doggie bag? Or, better yet, give it to someone who’s hungry and will actually appreciate it.

Phew. End rant. [Zeitgeisty Report]