Interview Magazine’s “Let’s Get Lost” … In Black Savagery?

Fashion, fashion, fashion. So many strange, racy … racist things have been done in your name that it’s no wonder you’re a disrespected laughingstock to more than half the world. We’ve seen white models appear in blackface in your name. Gisele Bundchen and LeBron James reenact “King Kong” or “Tarzan,” depending on whom you speak to, for Vogue, in your name. And now, Interview magazine has seen fit to publish an editorial, entitled “Let’s Get Lost,” featuring Daria Werbowy against of sea of dark — dark people, fabrics, and atmosphere. Even with a quick glance at these photos, shot by Mikael Jansson, you get the point. An out-of-place, beautiful white woman travels into the dark underground to experience sex and music and to show off her bright dress. She’s so sultry that the “savages” are hypnotized by her presence. Everyone wants a piece of her, even the women who are being ignored by their men. And she too gets lost in all the sex — that’s why her legs are spread in nearly every photo.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And the story behind this one isn’t even far-fetched or surprising. Black people have been viewed as savagely sexual beings since Europeans invaded Africa centuries ago. But on a more technical note, this Interview editorial isn’t the first time, nor the last, that color contrast was used in fashion photography.

While this editorial can be interpreted as racist, it’s doubtful the editors made a conscious effort to make black people look savage. They probably didn’t even think past making the fashions and Daria stand out. It’s interesting to note, though, that when viewed as a video the concept of “Let’s Get Lost” isn’t nearly as offensive as the still shots. See the rest of the photos here, and tell us in the comments your thoughts on the photo spread. [The Gloss]