How Many Chemicals Are In Your Perfume?

My perfume routine varies. Some days I’ll spritz a fragrance in the air and walk through it for a slight essence, and on other days I’ll dab my wrists for a longer-lasting scent. Thanks to a new report from the Environmental Working Group, however, I’m going to have to double think my perfume routine — and my chosen fragrance — because the amount of chemicals in beauty counter buys are a tad disturbing. There are a total of 3,100 chemicals that perfume makers can play with in order to create a scent, and apparently companies are not required to list out ingredients of perfumes, just cosmetics. Perfumes contain an average of 14 chemicals that never get spelled out on product packaging. One specific synthetic chemical, diethyl phthalate, has been linked to sperm damage in adult men and abnormal reproductive organ development in baby boys. Other ingredients may result in hormone disruptions and allergic reactions. Curious how many unnamed chemicals are in your favorite scent? Chanel Coco contains 18, Clinique Happy has 9, and American Eagle Seventy Seven holds a shocking 24 chemicals! You could say that in today’s world, everything causes health concerns, but learning what’s in the products you put on your skin is one thing you have control over. [EWG via Treeehugger]