Hailey Glassman Wants To Be Cast In A Show About JAPs

You know how every year you resolve to watch less television? Now would really be a good time to follow up on that, because I just read about a show that’s so scraping the bottom of the barrel, it’s scary. For the latest “Jersey Shore” rip-off in the works, a company called Get Some Media is looking to create a show about JAPs, aka “Jewish American Princesses,” a term which, like “Guido” before it, many people find offensive. Oh, but it’s about to get worse. The show’s producers have their eye on a tabloid fixture to star in the show—Jon Gosselin’s ex, Hailey Glassman. “I think Hailey is an interesting character and would be great for reality TV,” a producer said. Naturally, Hailey is all for the idea. “I definitely think I should be the first to be cast,” she says. “I have a huge following. The media always makes fun of the things I say and the way I talk. I’d be great for the show.”

So if GTL makes a Guido, what makes a JAP? Hailey explains, “We JAPS have what I like to call entitlement syndrome. I only wear designer brands, I don’t eat meat off the bone, I drink Fiji water or Pellegrino. I would rather die of dehydration than drink tap water. My signature outfit is black spandex, Uggs and white v-neck t-shirts. It’s a different mentality. JAPS in New York are kind of crazy, but I’m really nice. I’m family-oriented.”

Please make it stop. [Radar Online]