At An NYC Private School, Gossip Girls Take On Project Runway

Here’s what you get for paying $30K+ to attend a posh NYC private school: an awesome fashion elective and exposure of your designs by the New York Times. At Fieldston, one of the most anticipated events of the school year is a student-run fashion show where designers must create wearable art using anything but fabric. They turned to materials like candy, condoms (!), paper, and food wrappers to made runway-ready outfits. Some of the results—like a strapless dress made of rubber gloves, or a man’s bikini top (uh, what?) made of candy dots paper—were entertaining, while a few standouts proved quite innovative (a ballgown bodice made of metal washers; a Warhol-inspired Campbell’s soup can design constructed of jelly beans). But all in all, probably not the type of fashion Blair Waldorf would ever condone. And the “Gossip Girl” character would probably have a heart attack after hearing one student say, “Home Depot is my favorite store.” While the wares may not have been fitting with the image of NYC private school high-design, there was a TV-perfect moment when one guy model stopped on the runway to take off the top of his design to show a T-shirt underneath that read, “Becky, prom?” She said yes. Awww. Before we fade to black and the credits start rolling, check out some more pics:

[NY Times]