“American Idol” Contestants Stand To Make Big Bucks

Don’t spend a second of your time feeling sorry for those eliminated “American Idol” contestants. Sure, every one of them has some kind of sob story. “I’m singing for my sick grandma.” “My new baby.” “My dead friend.” But don’t let the human interest stories fool you! Yes, they sing for dear ol’ granny and the love of music, but according to an “American Idol” contract someone got their hands on, they also sing to the tune of mega bucks. All of the top 12 contestants are poised to receive a big-time pay day. [PopEater]

Heck, if I were making this much, Simon could call me an untalented bitch and I’d still smile and wave. I hope you’re sitting down. After the jump, the breakdown of “American Idol” payouts.The Winner Gets …
Record Contract: $175,000
First Album: $175,000
Second Album: $275,000 – $550,000
Third Album: $325,000 – $650,000
Fourth Album: $375,000 – $750,000
Fifth Album: $450,000 – $900,000
Sixth Album: $500,000 – $1 million

The Runner-Up Gets …
Record Contract: $150,000
First Album: $150,000
Second Album: $225,500 – $450,000

Those Coming In Third Through 12th Place Get …
Record Contract: $100,000
First Album: $100,000

Sort of changes the game, no?